How tight fit of hardy tools?

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I am brand new to blacksmithing and anvils.  I have a HF 110lb anvil
and am making a cut-off tool for the hardy hole.  How tight a fit
should I strive for?  Should I be able to remove the tool by hand or
should I have to drive it in and out of the hardy hole?


Re: How tight fit of hardy tools?


You should be looking to have your tools fit into the hardy hole
loosely by hand. What I mean is that they should be secure and not fall
out or flop around when you use them, but, they should be easy to
remove with your hand. If they fit too tightly into the hardy hole they
may cause more problems if they are worked too hard. For example, if
you really wail on a hot or cold cut that is tight in the hole, this
could cause the heel of the anvil to crack through the hardy hole. Not
something you want. If any of your current tools fit tightly, consider
filing/grinding them so that they drop easily into the hole.

Hope this helps,

Re: How tight fit of hardy tools?
It should be removeable by hand without tools.  But snug enough so it
doesn't twist in the hole.   You certainly don't want to have to drive
it in, or you might be tempted to leave it there when it's not in use.

Pete Stanaitis

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