New source for Lindsay reprints

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Many of us miss Lindsay books, particularly the reprints
showing the old ways to do many machine operations using the
machines and tools we have available in our home/hobby
shops, tooling/gage/fixturing suggestions, and projects such
as home edm machines and micro foundries.

_Your Old Time Bookstore_ bought Lindsay's stock and may do
some reprints.  I placed a small order [c. 60$US] and was
pleased with their service.  

They seem to have most of what Lindsay stocked, and have
links to sites for current books that were printed by other
publishers but sold by Lindsay such as Gingery [make your
own machine tools] and Chastain [foundry].  

YOTB home URL is

links to other publishers

While [most of] the books are back, I miss the
outlandishness of Lindsay's catalog back covers.

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