Best chainsaw sharpener?

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Greetings All,
I'm looking for a good manual chainsaw chain sharpener. I would rather
not have to buy an electric one. All the ones which use files that I
have used didn't work very well for me. And using a file freehand
doesn't work well for me because of nerve damage. I sent my chains to
be sharpened and when I got them back one was overheated to the point
that all the teeth were blue about 3/32" back from the cutting edge
and the other chain had huge burrs on each tooth.  Any suggestions?
Eric R Snow

Re: Best chainsaw sharpener?

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I don't know diddly about chain saw sharpening.  I bought a Husky chain saw
and a Craftsman clamp on sharpener.  It worked great after I got it figured
out.  Time to sharpen each chain ......... about ten minutes.  I had three
chains that I had gotten down into the dirt with them, and it cleaned them
right up.  This weekend, I cut off a stump that was about 24" in diameter,
and it went through like butter.  I musta done something right.


Re: Best chainsaw sharpener?

Buy the original for less than most of the knock offs. The Sears unit
was a Granberg, as is the one that Zipp Penn sold. They work GREAT and
will bring a chain back from most damage, Or allow you to customize one
for better cut.

Steve W.

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Re: Best chainsaw sharpener?
Here's a link to a pretty good-looking manual sharpener on the Lee Valley

Tom Dacon

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Re: Best chainsaw sharpener?

Eric R Snow wrote:
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Craftsman used ot have a really good one, my dad used his for 20 years.
 I recently saw the same thing in hte Harbor Freight store under a
different name, still US-made.   Uses regular chainsaw files, plus a
mill file.  It's about the only jig I've seen that has positive
adjustments for angle, tooth height and has a positive stop for each
tooth.  It's a die cast thing, wasn't too expensive when it was bought
and will pay for itself with longer chain life over using one of those
powered grinders.  Sometimes power isn't the answer.

Hey, take at look here:,_Model_35_G_45_106B-prod-9801161-15145990?sourceid=298

This looks like the old Craftsman, looks like Sears dropped it, at
least from their web site.

Was the only thing that could sharpen a chain so that old chainsaw
could cut a straight kerf.  Freehand filing didn't do it, taking it in
to a shop and letting them burn up the teeth didn't do it.  Get some
decent Nicholsen files when you get one, it comes with none.


Re: Best chainsaw sharpener?

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   If you have a Dremel, their pink sharpening stones put
a great edge on a chainsaw.  I know you specified a hand
file type, but I haven't used mine since I tried the dremel setup.
If you can freehand sharpen a HS tool bit then this would be
no problem.  Lots faster than the file too.



Re: Best chainsaw sharpener?
Pretty much a matter of wheel selection, softer wheels are more
forgiving .
I'd say the best saw chain grinder out there is still the Silvey.
But I only do about 25 chains a week.
Eric R Snow wrote:
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