For sale shop Press

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For sale shop Press
 In very good Working condition, made by WEAVER Corp. Springfield IL.
 Circa 1916 OLD patented marking on a brass tag, worth over 2,600 Sell
for $700 -NOT others, Ram do not travel 12 inch this is unique in
 in Boston aria --

Check it out, below.

Re: For sale shop Press
 I don't think there are many people going to splurge 700.00 on an "antique"
  I picked up a 50 ton Manley at an auction for a guy I know.  The price a
whole whopping 62.00.  It needed alittle cleaning.
  Of recent I have seen both a 70 ton Manley and a 70 ton Dake press both good
condition sell in the 350.00-400.00 range and those are some up to date quality
  Looking at the picture of this press you have (oh by the way I get to
springfield once a month or so) if you could find someone even remotely
interested for 75.00 bucks or so I would say you better jump on it. Personally
if it was across the street and it was free I would pass on it.

  good luck

Re: For sale shop Press
On 9 Feb 2004 16:43:27 -0800, (M) wrote:

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Nice old piece of scrap iron. Maybe you can find a yuppie to buy it
and make a  New Age sculpture out of it. Anyone else would likely
offer you $50 to $100 out of curiosity.


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Re: For sale shop Press
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  Gunner, No, No this is hardly used.
Your talking about something that has been left outside in the weather.

It still has that square bronze tag riveted on. US. Maid by
WEAVER Corp. Springfield IL., patent date, tonnage and so-on.

In excellent working condition.
versatile, ram travel 12" .
last job blanked bunch of 1 7/8" square holes into 16 gage steel.
My son straightened and fixed his PU bumper.
This is a moneymaker.  
Besides I never said that the price was firm, we can talk.


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Re: For sale shop Press
On 10 Feb 2004 09:28:21 -0800, (M) brought forth from
the murky depths:

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Well, which is it?  The "Ram do not travel" posted first made
it sound like it was a rusty, old, weatherbeaten driveway post.

I think I could make one similar to that shape with a hydraulic
ram for a couple hundred bucks (at retail iron prices?) and a
few hours time.

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Re: For sale shop Press
Pleases let me know if you get $700 for the press...I can go into production
in hours!

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Re: For sale shop Press

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Who thinks it's worth $2,600?
I will admit that a 12" stroke on the ram is a lot but it's very expensive
for a working press. As a vintage piece of engineering it may be worth a
little more. I would try to find a customer who wants it for it's age. This
NG is probably not the best place for that.


Re: For sale shop Press
John Manders wrote:
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I don't think there's much antique value in large tools, unless he can find
some Greenwich Village type who needs a lawn ornament.

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