Ryobi SC-160 Scroll Saw Speed Control?

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I have a single-speed SC-160 16" Ryobi scroll saw. The motor has only
a little information on its label as follows:
H/P: 1/10
Phase: 1
R.P.M: 1725
Amps: 1.6
Volts: 115
Hz: 60
Insulation Class: A

I would like to add a speed control to it. So far my experiments with
2 different types of speed controls has produced the following:
1) Control from a lapidary machine: scroll saw runs at about 15 RPM
regardless of the setting on the speed control.
2) Solid-state light dimmer: Saw does nothing until the dimmer is set
to about half of the control's rotation range. Then it runs at full
speed after reaching midpoint.

Is there a speed controller available that will give me an infinite
speed range for this saw? I would like to cut metal with it.


Re: Ryobi SC-160 Scroll Saw Speed Control?
On Mon, 11 Jun 2007 13:14:10 -0700, snipped-for-privacy@panamsat.com

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Hi Gary,

Can you tell if the motor has brushes or not? If it uses
brushes it could be a universal motor and then the cheapo
Router Speed control from Harbor Freight may work. See:


It is on sale quite often, like right now for instance for

I've used this control on my single speed  Right-angle
drill, cheapo China table saw, Milwaukee 4 inch right angle
grinder... pretty much any tool with a universal motor.

If the motor doesn't have/use brushes though I think you
will be out of luck, other than swapping out the motor to
one that can be controlled...

Leon Fisk
Grand Rapids  MI/Zone 5b
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