Ultrasonic cleaner schematics

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Schematics for the simple power oscillators used to drive ultrasonic
cleaners (for cleaning metal parts) can be found at:


Some of the MOSFET's cited are obsolete; you can substitute a 400-volt
or 500-volt part of current manufacture from ST or IR.  One candidate
might be STP14N50Z,  $3.24 each from Digi-Key.

Warning:  voltages exceeding 1 KV at lethal power level can exist in
these circuits at resonance.   I won't answer design questions, but
others might. Have fun, be careful.  

Re: Ultrasonic cleaner schematics
The real trick, of course, is the sourcing of the magic epoxy
used to bond new wafers (ebay) to the tank.  3M x214 series
or equivalent from other makers.  Last I looked, it was gonna
cost a LOT of money to get 10x what I needed...

Anyone want to split a purchase?  comes in small squeeze tubes,
easy to use, just way too manyh of them in a minimum sized order
for my economic well-being... / mark

Don Foreman wrote:
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Re: Ultrasonic cleaner schematics

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Mark, the only 3M  214s  I could find were a coating and an LC-1214
light-cure adhesive.  If you have a part number I might be able to get

Re: Ultrasonic cleaner schematics
www.rshughes.com claims to be one of the biggest 3M distributors, and to
keep lots of stuff on the shelves.  At least that's what the outside
sales guy who visited last week claimed :-).  Get the full part number
and give them a call.

Carl Ijames  carl dott ijames aat verizon dott net
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Re: Ultrasonic cleaner schematics
On Sun, 28 Jan 2007 06:57:46 GMT, "Carl Ijames"

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I see that they have a warehouse not far from me.  Great tip, thanks!

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