What color is a Hardinge lathe

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The HLV_B is getting to the point where I should be thinking about cleaning
the stand, head and bed and giving them a lick of paint. I don't know what
color it should be.

Ok, I know that Hardinge lathes came as standard in "Gray 7B", What I would
like to know is whether anyone knows an equivalent RAL number shade or similar
that I could obtain in the UK. I think the spooks would get excited if I tried
to get a couple of quarts airmailed to me from the USA!

I could just paint it in a similar colour to the other tools in the workshop,
but that might get boring. I won't leave it the colour that it is, because it
is being rebuilt using parts from three separate machines and they are all
different colours... where the paint is left, that is..

Mark Rand (help me or the lathe gets pink paint! <G>)

Re: What color is a Hardinge lathe
Mark Rand wrote:
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Mark.   I never did find any conversion tables for US, BS, or RAL colour

Somewhere I had recorded the BS colour that ZMT (all ex Hardinge people)
used to paint stock Hardinges when the customers didn't have other
ideas.   But I can't find that now either!

Might be worth a visit to your local paint factors and take a look
through the colour chips for something close.

I'd use a 2 pack enamel if I were you, and if they will sell it to you
;)   Will need an Air fed mask though.   I found 1 part Polyurethanes
not durable enough.

Funnily enough I have yet another Hardinge here to paint and rebuild
this summer.


Re: What color is a Hardinge lathe

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I hadn't though of that. I'll give them a call tomorrow and see if they will
tell me what they use. I already know that they aren't interested in HLV-B's.
But then, commercially, HLV-B's are scrap iron.

Regards (got a cross slide and a carriage drive motor today :-)
Mark Rand

Re: What color is a Hardinge lathe
On Mon, 12 Mar 2007 22:58:49 GMT, Wayne Weedon

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Pay particular attention about the air mask if you use a 2 part
like Emron.  Many people have got sick and quite a few have died
using a standard resperator for "just a quick little job" or
"touch up." ==>Be reminded that the fumes will affect anyone or
thing in the area, and even if you wear an air mask it is
possible to make your wife, kids, pets, etc. very ill or dead.<==

Unka' George [George McDuffee]
Watch out w'en you'er gittin all you want.
Fattenin' hogs ain't in luck.

Joel Chandler Harris (1848-1908), U.S. journalist.
Uncle Remus: His Songs and His Sayings,
"Plantation Proverbs" (1880).

Re: What color is a Hardinge lathe
F. George McDuffee wrote:

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Indeed, It's also very wise to get a copy of the safety data sheets for
any paint you intend to spray.

HVLP might also be prudent with the nastier compounds!


Re: What color is a Hardinge lathe

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I phoned ZMT this afternoon and they said that they can't get an exact match,
but they use BS4800 18B25 Dark Admiralty Grey. So that's what it'll probably
get done with.

Mark Rand

Re: What color is a Hardinge lathe
Mark Rand wrote:

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Sounds familiar.   They do a nice work over there, but are hellish
expensive!    I wonder how many of the original Hardinge builders are
left there.

Is yours a US or UK made machine?    My older Hardinge (69) is a Feltham
made machine, the newer CNC one (84) was built at Exeter.

A friends father and grandfather both worked at the Feltham Hardinge.
Sadly even now things are changing.   Bridgeport are moving the whole
lot up to Leicester. My parts man from Exeter has left the company
completely as he was not prepared to relocate.


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