Dewhurst switch wiring diagram

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Can anyone help with a wiring diagram for a Dewhurst drum switch connected
to a motor with A and  Z connections. I am assuming A is the main winding
and Z is the startup. Thank you

Re: Dewhurst switch wiring diagram

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one single phase motor convention is

A1 & A2 = run winding

Z1& Z2 = start winding including series capacitor.
This is used by Brook Motors and maybe others

According to the myford manual

The dewhurst switch has numbers1 to 8 on the switch contacts themselves and
1 to 8 on the connector block and these are not necessarily connected 1 to 1
through to 8 to 8. Very confusing

The numbers I give below relate to the switch contacts themselves NOT the
intermediate connector block.

NB I am quoting these from the manual - I do not use the dewhurst switch.

Line in (brown) =1
Neutral in (blue) =3
Start winding (z1)= 2
Start winding (z2)=6
Run winding (a1)=7
Run winding (a2)=5

4 & 8 not used

Dont forget the Earth

If the direction of rotation is incorrect, swap the wires to z1 & z2 OR A1 &
A2 NOT both.



Re: Dewhurst switch wiring diagram

DaveC wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

I have some Dewhurst info on the link below - hope this helps


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