1/16" welding rod

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While visiting Harbor Freight yesterday, I bought some 1/16" 6013
welding rod. I am curious what kinds of things could one weld with


Re: 1/16" welding rod
Sheet metal, boxes, body panels and the like. 6013 is generally
considered a thin material rod, gives a nice looking bead with
relatively low penetration compared to 6011 or 6010. You should be able
to do butt welds on 24 ga material with no problems. Thinner stock may
need an overlap.

Try 30 or 35 amps for a start. You want the amperage as low as possible
but keeping both a consistent arc and reasonable flow out of the weld
bead. A couple of issues in this range: many AC welders do not have a
particularly high OCV (Open Circuit voltage) for low amperages. Makes
arc start a pain. And you should assume that the amperage marks are
pretty inaccurate. The TIG welding rule of 1 amp per .001" is not too
far off the mark for stick also.

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Re: 1/16" welding rod
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Roy, thank you, this is great.


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Re: 1/16" welding rod
Set up a test strip of some THIN material (.049" or thinner) Run some 4"
beads at various amperages, keep track of the amperages. I've found that
these 1/16" rods have a fairly narrow 'sweet spot' that varies with each
welder. I've run a bead so cold that it never even attached itself to
the base metal, and so hot that the rod turned red and flamed out. Only
25 amps difference between the two!

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Question about 6013
I was once told that 6013 is the equivalent of an AC 6010 or P5 type rod.
Is 6013 an oscillating rod?
Or is it a 'dragger' like 7018? . . . thanks.

Re: Question about 6013

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6013 is 6013!

Three main classes of rod
* basic - eg. 7018
* rutile - eg. 6013
* cellulosic - the xx10's and xx11's eg. 6010, 6011

They handle very differently

That is obvious to a beginner if you try all three - it isn't a
"subtle difference" we are talking of.

Look up past posts on s.e.j.w. - perhaps using the Google news

Richard Smith

Re: 1/16" welding rod

They pretty well covered it.  I bought some of that very rod recently
at HF.  But have not used it yet.

DC+ at even 25 amps seems to work for me with a Maxstar 140 for 1/16"
rod.  But I've never yet tried this particular HF rod.

If you attempt to weld metal that's too thick with 1/16" rod, it'll
tend to just puddle up but not bond.  That's the only situation where
I've ever stick welded and didn't get a strong bond.  I recently
repaired a neighbor's mower deck with 3/32" 6013 rod at about 60 amps.

For pretty thin stuff I generally try 3/32" first.  Then, if it burns
through I go to the 1/16" rod.

Works for me.


Re: 1/16" welding rod
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Vernon, thanks, I bought this rod mostly out of curiosity and will
give it a try. The price was very attractive (compared to McMaster).


Re: 1/16" welding rod

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Sheet metal.

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