SEJW: Millermatic 3035 spoolgun improved!

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A while ago I sent a note asking about ways to stop burning up tips in
the 3035 spoolgun.  I was at my wits end...

I recently found on the Miller website that they were offering a higher
duty cycle replacement on the entire Barrel assembly.  When I asked the
dealer, they quoted me only $60.00.  This replaces everything that
touches the wire after it leaves the motor.

I have been _Very_ thrilled with the new barrel!  I welded a medium
sized project in 1/8" box tube and 1/4" plate and even when welding into
a corner to tie in the gussets the heat reflecting back into the tip did
not cause me to burn back even one tip!

At the price, I suspect Miller knows this is more a correction of a
defect than an improvement to the design.


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