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Need Help! Neighbors Noisy Disturbs Problem
Hi, I am Mithila. I am facing Noisy problem. My upstairs are very rude and always play loud music in my sleeping time. I feel always disturb for them. What should I do now?? Should I complaint to...
5 years ago
I have a pair of Airtronics Vanguard VG6DR transmitters, one still in plastic, NIB, the other excellent but used, all the chargers and batteries and flags, they are FM of course, but both have the gold seal on the bottom. What are they worth?
Airtronics Vanguard VG6DR I have a pair of Airtronics Vanguard VG6DR transmitters, one still in plast ic, NIB, the other excellent but used, all the chargers and batteries and f lags, they are FM of...
5 years ago
Robbe Servos - RS70 - 8982 - year 1980
Hello, I'm looking for one - preferably two - Robbe Servo model RS70 - 8982 - year 1980 units, including servo holders, which are currently out of production. The objective is for me to complete a set...
7 years ago
Anyone using a Spektrum module in their Futaba 8U or 9C?
I just ordered one, then heard a tale of woe from a fellow club member at our indoor flying session this weekend. He said his had a very poor fit and had to shimmed out with tape, and he experienced...
11 years ago 8
Re: Dave Patrick Edge 540 engine questions
Anyone have the manual. I need a copy. Barring that can someone post which monocoat colors they use. Fixing some damage on one I bought. Can't help with the colors, but they are likely to be...
12 years ago 2
Dynam Flight Simulator any good?
Inquiring minds want to know... JR Have a link?
13 years ago 1
Formula-U polyurethane paint
Does anyone still sell Formula-U paint? I have tried Pactra and Midwwest Hobbies neither carry it anymore. I have a plane in red that is in need of a touch-up. It hasn't been manufactured in years. I...
13 years ago 1
[Political] Frightening potential
Cross City, FL October 25, 2008 Before I begin let me preface my statement by saying, it is not my intention to offend anyone, I just feel this needs to be said. I believe we, as American citizens,...
13 years ago 9
Help on realistic covering. Litefab? Ultracote? Paint?
Hello! I am finishing my 1/12th scale P-51D (37-inch wingspan, about 20-oz flying weight) and need some advise on realistic covering and panel lines. I want my airplane to look more detailed and...
13 years ago 5
rc model engine mac 65ky
i have just bought a rc model engine a mac 65ky does any one know anything about these engines let me know please ???????? Hi I know it was a long while ago but i just bought plane with this engine...
13 years ago 1
Prop save for a GWS Slow Stick?
Does anyone know of a prop saver that will work with a GWS Slow Stick? Do I have to remove the nose cone to make it work? Depends on the motor you have. Normally the output shaft of your motor will...
13 years ago 2
Robbe Dash 7 instruction manual anyone?
Hi everyone, I am about to start building a Robbe Dash 7. However it has n instruction book - can anyone supply me with a scanned copy or sell m their old original one? It appears that Robbe no longer...
14 years ago
RC airplane gasoline engine as an electrical generator
I've never posted on this group, and I am apologize for rushing right it with a specific question. I have an idea of building a tiny generator for an electric R/C toy which is supposed to output ~300W...
14 years ago 22
Futaba 2.4 GHz FASST Service Advisory
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Futaba 6EX, 7C and TM-7 Service Advisory- This service advisory affects only owners of the Futaba TM-7 module and 6EX...
14 years ago 47
Re: FA: Rare Futaba Acrostar 60 with O.S. .91 Surpass II
Dear sir, Is this plane still for sale. Thank you -- RC Model ----------------------------------------------------------------------- RC Models's Profile: this thread:
14 years ago
Water-based polyurethane??
I'm painting a model with latex paint -- first try. The latex isn't fuel "proof" for glow fuel, so I need to cover it with a clear coat. I was thinking of using Polycrylic (thinking that was a...
15 years ago 4
Warbirds and Tip Stalls
I have a World Models P-51 and on its second flight I experienced tip stall and came down hard collapsing the retracts. I have since repaired the gear but am now a little gun shy about flying it...
15 years ago 43
Top Flight Kit#RC21 Corsair Plans
I'm looking for the plans for this kit. I was given the kit (an estate), but the plans were lost. Would be willing to pay for copying and mailing them, if some kind soul would go to the trouble. Can...
15 years ago 1
Alternative to glow fuel
Has anyone tried something else than methanol/castor mix? The reason I am asking is because I have a place on the Azores islands and you simply cannot get glow fuel there. I could carry the castor oil...
15 years ago 76
Foam wing repair ?
I was wondering what you guys use to repair an uncovered foam wing ? I got a wild hair to finish building an old control line combat plane . The wing has gotten alittle damaged over the years on the...
15 years ago 5