FA: classic futaba transmitters, Airtronics A plug equip, etc, for CHARITY

Crosswinds Equine Rescue offers a broad range of rc items for auctio

via ebay, including classic 2GS transmitter, 5FN, and 4NBL, as well a a range of Airtronics radio equipment A plug not newer Z plug. ... ne items listed regularly...all sales help benefit the charity.....pleas consider donating YOUR unused items!

LIST AVAILABLE AT THE LINK BELOW... all starting prices less than $10!

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Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie by Kristiana Gr... $3.99 2 hours, 09 mins +

new curb bit 5-1/2" mouth snaffle 5" shank CHARITY $5.99 Jun-20-0

16:52:52 PDT

Futaba FP-2GS 2ch 72mhz transmitter R102GR radio w/box classi aircraft 2-channel radio system gliders CHARITY $8.99 Jun-25-0

20:32:06 PDT

Futaba FP-5FN 5-channel 72mhz transmitter ANTIQUE! $8.99 Jun-25-0

20:41:51 PDT

Futaba FP-4NBL 4-channel 75mhz transmitter CHARITY battlebot robotics boat car radio classic! $8.99 Jun-25-04 20:48:2 PDT

Airtronics 92765 72mhz 7-ch receiver FM ch 32 CHARITY

7 channels channel 32 crystal included 92765/72 $5.99 Jun-26-04 19:09:55 PDT

Airtronics NIP 97020 dual twin servo y-harness CHARITY $5.99 Jun-26-04 19:15:20 PDT

Airtronics Sanwa 600mah receiver battery pack 4.8v NiCd $5.99 Jun-26-04 19:29:46 PDT

Airtronics 94012 standard servo (2 servos) CHARITY $5.99 Jun-27-0

05:56:57 PDT

Airtronics switch harness with charge jack CHARITY $3.99 Jun-27-04 17:00:00 PDT

Airtronics standard servo with ball bearing upgrade $3.99 Jun-27-0

17:30:00 PDT

Airtronics wall wart battery charger 95033 CHARITY $3.99 Jun-27-0

18:00:00 PDT

Royal mini-titan mini servo CHARITY $3.99 Jun-27-04 18:30:00 PDT

Hitec HS-422 premium deluxe standard servo CHARITY $3.99 Jun-27-0

19:00:00 PDT

Sincerely, AnnMarie Cross President Crosswinds Equine Rescue, Inc

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