FA (UK only) Eco 8 brushless motor / controller plus upgrade parts / accessories

It's the last 24 hours of the auction for the Eco 8 radio control model
helicopter upgrade parts. These include a brushless motor/controller
combo complete with two 10-cell flight packs. To see the pictures then
checkout the Ebay item number 3140160945 or search on "Eco 8" at
formatting link

The item text is as follows :
Eco 8 upgrade parts including brushless motor / controller set with a
pair of 10-cell Sanyo 2400 Nicad flight packs. The parts comprise
everything in the five following groups :
a. Drive Train :
1 off Ikarus X-250-4H brushless motor especially designed for this model
1 off Ikarus V90 brushless motor controller for above. Connector is
Astro Flight "zero loss" type plug.
2 off 10 cell Sanyo 2400mAh Nicad flight packs. Connector is matching
Astro Flight "zero loss" socket.
b. Carbon upgrade parts :
1 off set (pair) of MS Composite carbon fibre main blades (new, unused)
1 off Carbon fibre tailboom (new, unused)
1 off Ikarus carbon fibre tail servo mount
1 off Ikarus carbon fibre flybar (new, unused)
c. Ground and hardened steel upgrade parts :
1 off Ikarus special ground and hardened main rotor shaft (new, unused)
1 off Ikarus special ground and hardened tail rotor shaft (new, unused)
1 off Ikarus special ground and hardened blade shaft (new, unused)
d. Measurement and setup :
1 off QuickUK blade balancer
1 off Vario Pitch gauge
e. Miscellaneous spares and upgrades :
2 off assorted motor pinions
1off spare pair of undercarriage legs (new, unused)
1 off pair of Boom supports and horizontal fin (new, unused)
2 pairs of Ikarus wooden blades (new, unused but one set of grips is
Please note that I don't wish to disclose he reserve price nor will I
accept an early "buy now" offer, it's a straight auction. Buyer (UK
only) pays postage. Cheques/drafts drawn on UK banks only accepted.
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