How many readers are using Fire Fox? I've had some random reports that my Web Site won't allow any pages to come up after the home page is displayed by those using FF. Any suggestions?

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I just tried your site with FF. It brings up your main page, however, none of your links work, except email. I would guess the airplane animation might be causing the problem. FF does do things slightly different than IE.

John VB

Lyman Slack wrote:

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Don't use Java scripting for your buttons.

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Paul McIntosh

Same as JJVB here


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FWIW I now use FireFox for main browsing, IE for pages which do not open under Fire Fox or vice versa and Netscape 4.8 for web page control - all necessary for individual tasks from time to time.

Those using FireFox may go to "Tools" on the top toolbar and check on "JavaScript Consol" may show repeated error messages = "Error: document.Plane has no properties Source File:

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Lyman you may care to check line 115 of your page....

also check out

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regards Alan

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Same result with Mozilla. If I use the JavaScript console I get the same error as A.T. To take it a step further the line Mozilla/FF seems to not like is document.Plane.pageX=j

Maybe there is another line with plane spelled with lower case p. Computers are such literal creatures.

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Black Cloud

I have problems with Firefox 1.07 and pages that use active-X controls and some highly java'd pages.

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for example.

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