area problem

Windows XP, Autocad2000 french.
A 2D closed polyline with ~100 points give a surface of 542 sqm (m2).
If we redraw this polyline directly on the first one, with approximatively
the same contour but with 20 points, and if we move this surface beside the
first one, the area of the second polyline becomes 900 sqm (m2) !!???. The
perimeter is the same for the 2 lignes. Z=0 for all points.
Thanks for help
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If these are lightweight polylines, try using the "convertpoly" command to change them to 'heavy' polylines. Then re-check the areas. There is a bug affecting LWpoly's and the area command in AC2000.
542 sqm (m2).
surface beside the
(m2) !!???. The
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OOOOHH!! Extraordinary ! Incredible! We obtain good results with area. Thank you very very much !
Is this bug documented ? Where ?
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this is a VERY serious bug in the first release of A2000, (which was fixed in later versions of A2000). It affects LWpolylines which are shaped like a "U" or a horseshoe.In certain cases,if there are no vertexes along the radius of the "U", the area command connects a straight line between the endpoints of the arc in the "U" and doesn't see the radius. There was a patch on the Autodesk website that you could download to fix the problem.
This is a very, very serious bug that almost caused me ( a land surveyor) to miscalculate the area of a piece of land worth millions of dollars. Autodesk , of course, doesn't care about its mistakes, and never bothers to notify the customers of its faulty software..
Everybody makes mistakes, but you would expect a responsible company to issue a "recall" when they make a life-threatening mistake, like the car companies do.( Suppose an aircraft engineer designed a U-shaped bracket to support a heavy weight, and it fails in flight because Autodesk's software engineers don't know how to calculate the area.)
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Barry Shevitz
`regen`-it! The perimeter could'nt be the same!
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