Filtering Lines less than 0.001

I been trying this for a while but still cant figure it out. I have
loads of unwanted lines all under a millimeter in length (0.001). They
are in many layers and I want to delete them all.
I'm trying to use the filter, in the help it says you can filter
relative parameters then gives an example for filtering circles with a
radius greater than 1. This sounds like what I want BUT the options for
Line is either 'line end' or 'line start' and neither of these work
using the less than setting.
Any help will be greatly appreciated
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Remo Shiva
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autocad can easily filter for circle radius because it is one of the dotted pairs in the dxf code. length of a line is not. but you have the endpoints, 10 & 11.
most likely there is something you can download, but the brute force code should not be too hard ssget all line segments into a selection set and the do a foreach command that tests for distance from 10 to 11 to be less than your minimum. if it is that small, entdel that entity.
do you write lisp, or do I need to be more specific?
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sorry, I have a VERY basic knowledge of lisps and what you just wrote, although makes sense, I would have no idea of how to write a lisp routine out of it.
I've only ever written lisp routines for basic commands, changing layers / text, chaining a number of commands together, that sort of thing.
Any help would be appreciated though, I shall keep searching for it.
Thanks for your reply RS
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Remo Shiva
This should be a do-able project for you then. Go for it!
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Michael Bulatovich
Many years ago (before built-in filtering), I wrote a Lis routine that filtered Lines, Text, Dims, Circles, etc. And I could pre-select layers (or All Layers).
If you want, I can send them to you (simple enough). And if you are familiar with LISP, you could add in the Line Length criteria part.
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Mr. B
Thanks for the offer, I've actually done it now, you can do it within CAD. On the properties box, hit quick select and unlike the filter, it allows you to specify 'length' as a parameter.
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Remo Shiva

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