FS: AutoCAD 13 in box

For Sale:
Complete AutoCAD 13 in original box. Will
also include book 'Mastering AutoCAD'.
Complete with all disks and books, in as
new condition.
It HAS been installed at some time, so you
will not be able to register for support.
First $40 plus UPS takes it.
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I hope you're *paying* the $40 to the first one willing to take it off your hands. R13 -- especially in the "original box" -- was the worst release of AutoCAD ever produced. And since the required patches to make it run half-way reliably are no longer available, what you have is essentially worthless. ___
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Paul Turvill
Actually, you could probably use the books as a monitor stand and I'm sure the box is good for something :)
take it off your
worst release of
make it run
is essentially
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In fact, the Customization Guide was the best thing about R13. It covers about 95% of all of the common AutoLISP functions, plus DCL coding and a good DXF reference. When Autodesk "upgraded" the CG for R14, they stopped including it in the package, preferring to make us pay $50 extra for the printed docs; and they introduced hundreds of typographical errors that weren't in the R13 version. I still have a copy on my bookshelf, and still use it occasionally. ___
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Paul Turvill
You can't register or upgrade R13 anyways even if is new/unopened and unregistered. I'm not even sure that it's legal to sell it given Autodesks hard line against resale of used software.
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Tim Arheit
True, I actually still have a full set of R13 manuals - including the Installation Guide for Unix :)
R13. It covers
DCL coding and a
R14, they stopped
extra for the
typographical errors that
bookshelf, and still
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And we all know that Autodesk makes the laws.
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