Re: OT:College Dorm Loft Plan

Hi all,
>Anyone have plans for building a loft that I could get from them?
>My daughter is starting college this fall and I would like to build >one for her.
I know exactly what you are looking for, I built one for my daughter
several years ago. I based its dimensions on the size of a single
mattress and started by building a box out of 3/4" melamine board that
the mattress would fit into keeping the sides at least 6" higher than
the mattress so she couldn't roll out. Next I built a wardrobe unit to
support the one end of the box that had 2 doors and a hanging rod on
the inside for clothes, the wardrobe was approx. 24" deep 40" wide and
60" tall. The head end of the box was supported by a panel 40" wide
3/4" thick and 60" tall. Next I built a writing/typing top that
fastened between the panel and wardrobe unit . The biggest problem I
had was figuring out a way for her to get up into the bed, the
solution I came up with was to build a ladder out of oak (laminated
white) and rungs made out of 2" PVC pipe, then I screwed the entire
unit to the side of the wardrobe. I have pictures of the bed somewhere
that my wife will dig up if you need or want to see them, of course
being a draftsman in a cabinet shop made the whole process easier but
it would be easy for anyone to build at home in a garage..
Hope this helps.....
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