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Acramaic 2100 Alarm 42-11?
I was looking on the internet for help on a Cincinnati error "42-11" on our Saber 2000, Acramatic 2100 system by Siemens and you guys seem to offer some advice on trouble shooting these systems. Upon...
6 years ago 1
Ethylene glycol as machining, grinding coolant?
Can ethylene glycol, no mix with water, used as a machining, grinding coolant? It's used in anti-Freeze in cars and highly toxic if ingested! Material we're grinding reacts with water! It will absorb...
6 years ago 7
Hyundai lathe turret fixed
Not even sure why I'm posting here. This will get lost in all the OT BS. Posted back in 2010 on my turret indexing problems with my Hyundai HIT-18S lathe. Seems the splined shaft/flange was worn out -...
7 years ago 1
Monarch 10EE Parting Out - Cheap Tampa, FL
I have a Monarch 10EE I had planned to refurbish but health issues have squashed my plans. I am parting it out this week and then will scrap what's left over. No shipping unless it'll fit in a USPS...
7 years ago
surfcam, visi, mastercam, gibbs
its such a shame vero is influencing surfcam to change. I had the opportuni ty to develop visi's cam side and the verify part was horrible. Now that th ey bought surfcam i see their influence in...
7 years ago 3
Anyone good with the program jobBOSS?
I'm trying to figure out a couple of things I want to do with the program but haven't been able to find the answers to my questions. so if anyone is good with jobBOSS can you please reply to this...
8 years ago 8
Types Of CNC Cutting Machine
Check out the Types of cnc cutting machines
8 years ago
what id the code for tapping on my cnc lathe 10t controll
i need to know the g code for tapping on my sl1a cnc lathe and maybe an example slla? never heard of it. How about the model of the control? Remove 333 to reply. Randy Mori Seiki SL1a? Mori Seiki,...
9 years ago 6
Anybody in So. Cal want some surface grinders?
Im closing down Mathews Gauge in Santa Ana, California, and Im up to my ass in suface grinders. Some Harigs, some Mitusa (nice!!) Look em up or drop me an email and Ill turn you on to them. There is...
9 years ago 36
PING: Bottle Bob. You're famous!!
Lifted from an article in Hot Rod, July 2012 issue: an interview with Larry Dixon HRM: When was the last time you lined up with someone who truly intimidated you? LD: Wow! You'd have to go back to...
9 years ago 24
Where to find FREE 3D VectorArt Clipart
Hy everyone, It's my first post here. I want to know where to find any FREE 3D CNC CLIPART like vectorart or any others .. Please, post them here or reply me by email... MERCI :)
10 years ago
So You Want To Learn CNC Programming
So You Want To Learn CNC Programming read here Yes, I'd love to learn CNC programming. Is it anything like programming a microwave to reheat leftovers? Or is it something super duper complex like...
10 years ago 1
CNC Canned Cycle G76 Threading Cycle for Fanuc CNC Machine Control
G76 threading cycle gives me lot and lot of flexibility. I can make taper threads with G76, I can make internal threads or external threads on will. I can even control the number of spring cuts ( the...
10 years ago
TRIA 7500 on Morbidelli A504
Hi all I have reinstalled it including a new floppydrive but there is a problem - when the software kicks in, it turns on ALL outputs causing the valve selenoids to pull whatever possible - as of now...
10 years ago
Form Tap M8 x 1.25 RPM?
I'm looking to se up a customer performing a roll form tap operation on M8 x 1.25" holes. CRS, 0.300" thick. I'd love to know the RPMs you would run for a conservative process, minimal coolant (not...
10 years ago 13
Way covers need wipers.....
Awl -- Between the telescoping covers being perty banged up in places, and the wipers having deteriorated on their own, most are gone. These covers (fadal 3016) are pretty heavy-duty gauge SS, very...
10 years ago 5
Anyone using it and have anything good or bad to say about the software or company selling it? Never heard of it. Might be worth investigating. The USA reseller seems to be kaput. The US reseller IS...
11 years ago 2
Cheapest Y axis lathe?
Awl -- Apropos of the omniturn Q's, I wonder what the cheapest Y axis/live tooling lathe would, run both new and used. A new Omni 75 runs about $32K, plus $3K for a C axis, + ___ for their zip bar...
11 years ago 8
Cimatron Update...
Mastercam......50% Cimatron.........85% Unigraphics.....100% UG is still my favorite, but Cimatron is catching up fast! Just added a spaceball, now it's exactly like moving around in UG. It's super...
11 years ago 13
Mastercam guys, tell me about dynamic milling...
Let me guess, you window in your whole part and click the big red easy button? Seriously...what is it?? No I didn't. I said Surfcam's Volumill when I meant to say TrueMill. What the fuck is wrong with...
12 years ago 2