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Mechanical part,I need a search term to find and purchase.
Hi guys, I'm rebuilding my Radial Arm Saw, most the table, but need to purchase the in this picture. What is it called? Thanks, Mikek Table clamp, fence clamp, or workpiece clamp. The photo looks like...
2 years ago 6
E-Z Copter
The design of EZ-Copter is very simple, it uses a lightweight frame with seat, and a rotor head mounted to it. Mounted on the rotor head are the two rotor blades and two lightweight motors used to...
12 years ago 2
Pants for Metalworking
Here's a random question: What is the best clothing to wear in a metalworking shop? Durability, fit, price, etc. I can't wear denim to work....(crazy dress code) but would like to not burn through 4...
13 years ago 1
Shaft mounted drill chuck?
I bought a used Fisher Scientific overhead lab mixer. The mixer motor is a rebranded Bodine gear motor with a direct drive output shaft and a gear reduced output shaft. The mixer came without a drill...
14 years ago 1
BOYAR SCHULTZ 612 Grinder manual
I've recently acquired a Boyar-Schultz 612 manual surface grinder, and would like to get a manual to check for missing parts/correct wiring, etc. Anyone have a scanned version available? Or know of a...
16 years ago
Cannot drill fat steel?
I'd been having problems drilling 1/2 inch thick steel on a drill press. Only about 1/4 inch deep the 1/2" HSS drill bit would seize or glaze the steel and will cease to drill any further. The drills...
17 years ago 2
Aluminum soldering question
I'd really be grateful to anyone who can help me with advice on soldering aluminum. I'm making some smaller (about 16"w x 8"h) models and I'm trying to figure out how to solder, or join the 1/8"...
18 years ago 9
Fanuc CNC (F & G) I/O signals
Hello everyone Hope all are fine doing well, I am trying to search F and G signals mannu al or list for Fanuc controller but I can't find it on the internet what ca n I find is one information at one...
1 year ago 1
Table of RPM for drill size
Is there a url around of a nice table of rpm for each drill size for the various material. Each time I need to use the vertical drill I figure it out, but it would be handy to final attack such a...
6 years ago 2
fabtech man lift, need pilot valve adjustment
I have an older fabtech manlift, I have to adjust the magnetic gap and pilot valve, would anyone know how to do this properly, or know where i can get the information? The service book does not have...
18 years ago
standard-modern metal lathe
If anyone has a Standard-Modern 1334 metal lathe I would like to know how you feal about this lathe. I am considering if to buy or not to buy. Thanks Al Kimmel
14 years ago
new 4x5 Micro Lathe
If you're into Unimats and watchmaker lathes, a manufacturer of the popular 7x lathes has come out with a new machine called the C-O. It accepts many of the Unimat-3 accessories. Harbor Freight is...
15 years ago
Making homemade tooth braces. - don't laugh :- )
I like to build my own stainless steel or silver teeth braces because I love building medical devices for personal use. I was inform by a grade school teacher 15 years ago that my teeth is overdue for...
18 years ago 2