Welding 6061

Have a project which requires 1/4" 6061 plate be welded to 1/16 wall tube
What risk is there of success welding these 2 together? I've read that
pre-heating the parts to 400F-plus will minimize possibility of blow-out of
the tube.
Is this do-able with minimal risk?
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It is very do-able. I probably would not even preheat it, depending on the joint design. Just keep the arc on the 1/4" plate and sneak it against the tubing enough to get it to flow.
Good Luck, BobH
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The only questionable part of the equation is the weldor. I would set it up with some scraps of identical material before touching the good stuff. Keep the heat and puddle on the thick piece, and if and when possible, position it flat, horizontal, or other position where the puddle is controllable to flow from thin to thick, as vertical with thin piece down. Keep the electrode aimed at the thin metal yet not touching it, but about two rod diameters away from the thin. Don't carry the puddle to the thin until it has formed on the thick and it flows to the thin. Don't let the arc get close enough to the thin, or it will eat a hole in it in a millisecond.
HTH - and good luck. Practice on scrap, because on the good stuff, you only get one try.
Steve. Welding since 1974 2g, 3g, 4g, 6g, 6gTIG, and 2g 36" dia. 1.5" wall thickness oil caisson with FCAW .072" wire and Argon shield, 6010++ open root. All X ray. Now I do acceptable honey doos.
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