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Hashing Out These Problems.

December 15, 2017, 7:39 am

We used to get down like Madmen ? Best Wishes for A Safe, Productive & Safe Holiday Season To You All & All. R.Q.T. Read more »

Explosion Proof Equipment Latest Technology Research, Top Players with Curr...

December 11, 2017, 5:02 pm

FREE | Request Sample Copy is Available at: https://tinyurl.com/y8m63mcu The ?Global Explosion Proof Equipment Market Analysis to 2025 ? ??is a specialized and in-depth study of the explosion pr... Read more »


November 3, 2017, 8:51 pm

Hello everyone. 1.) I have an electronics board that has 10 wires coming out that gets conn ected to an end users board with an Ethernet type cable. During our Elect romagnetic Compatibility (EM... Read more »

T-shaped US outlet?

October 6, 2017, 6:12 am

I have an old (1940s I think) ceramic outlet in a box, for a two prong plug, no ground. It accepts a standard US 2 prong (1-15) plug. It is polarized. It is also marked 15A 125V (molded in the ce... Read more »

Electric Motor for Animated Store Display

September 22, 2017, 6:14 pm

Hello, all, and perhaps a question for the seniors in the ng: Back in the 1950s-1960s era one often encountered countertop (or larger) cardboard product displays that were animated by a simple bac... Read more »

Medium Voltage Cable Market Trends, Business Strategies and Opportunities w...

September 22, 2017, 11:49 am

Request a Sample Report at http://www.theinsightpartners.com/sample/TIPTE10 0000470 Electricity conducting cables ranging from 2,000 V to 35,000 V is termed as medium voltage cables. These cables... Read more »

Explosion Proof Equipment Market Outlook to 2025 By .STAHL AG, Marechal Ele...

September 19, 2017, 12:12 pm

Request a Sample Report at http://www.theinsightpartners.com/sample/TIPTE10 0000620 Explosion Proof Equipment are used by different industry to prevent dangero us product that lead to explosion. E... Read more »

Low Cost Course in Electronics

September 6, 2017, 9:59 pm

https://www.udemy.com/electronics-for-complete-beginners Read more »

Best wishes and Good luck in your first year.

August 30, 2017, 7:29 pm

Crib notes or Cheat sheets. Trigonometry e^(iwt) = cos(wt) + isin(wt) i^2 = -1 and +i = squareroot(-1). -> 2(i)sin(wt) = [e^(iwt) - e^(-iwt)]. -> 2cos(wt) = [e^(iwt) + e^(-iwt)]. -> 2sinh(wt... Read more »

The rating of an EHV transmission line

August 18, 2017, 5:47 pm

When an EHV transmission line (let's say 345 kV or 400 kV, for example) is rated at 1,000 MW, is this 1,000 MW:- a. the rating which should not be exceeded in normal service, with the aim of elimi... Read more »

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What's topping this power pole?

rating: 5

http://imgur.com/a/W1Uhz Cellular? Or...? Read more »

Fuse or fusible resistor?

rating: 5
  [ 2 ]

Used in the battery (-) lead of a handheld scope. Schematics unpublished. Physically similar to a 1/4 W resistor, color light green. Marked IE7A or 1E7A. Google returns slim results, none promisi... Read more »

Three Phase/Single Phase Voltage Fluctuations

rating: 5

Hi everyone. I hope this is the right group for this post of mine - hoping someone will have some insight to this one. Our house power supply is three phase (i.e. 230v/400v). Since I live in the sout... Read more »

The dangers of using too many volts and amps from a power adapter

rating: 5
  [ 2 ]

Hello, I recently received a motorized telescope that runs off of 8 AA batteries. A power adapter is available but I have yet to find one available and my local telescope stores. The power requiremen... Read more »

Why has Romex wire gotten so expensive?

rating: 5
  [ 2 3 ]

Romex wire used to be near $20 or so for a roll, and now its near $100. Why has the price jumped so high? Read more »

Excessive brush wear on DC motor.

rating: 5

Greetings! We have a field excitation DC motor on our SAMP machine. We are experiencing 1 brush on the DC motor to be wearing out a lot faster than the other 3. (My understanding is that the brush t... Read more »

Hard wired home watt meter

rating: 5

Hi I see some products like Kill A Watt that plug into the outlet to monitor device energy usage. I would like to be sure that the person does not take the device out when I am not around and plug ... Read more »

Video interference "60 cycle noise" or "hum bars" retai...

rating: 5

I've have a retail customer with a large TV display. The content they display is generated from a multimedia server with both an NTSC and ATSC outputs. The ATSC signal then feeds a high definitio... Read more »

Why use a ground when the nuetral can do the same thing?

rating: 5
  [ 2 ]

In a typical home breaker box the neutrals and grounds are on the same ground bar. So why if I install an outlet do I need to ground the box? Why couldnt I just take a jumper from the neutral and gro... Read more »

My AC digital clocks run fast. Cheap fix?

rating: 5
  [ 2 3 4 ]

I can't seem to get my local power company interested, but I suspect they are the cause of the problem. I've got numerous AC powered digital clocks in VCRs, DVRs, microwave ovens and clock-radios.... Read more »

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