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Do I have 208 or 240 volts in my apartment?
I just had a new circuit installed for a dryer. I was told it was 240 volt but I'm having doubts. Would I be able to tell from the panel? The following is an excerpt from my building's electrical...
2 months ago 7
Where do you source 35 Amp 220VAC circuit breakers that are NOT in typical box stores?
Where do you source circuit breakers that are NOT in typical box stores? o Carling AA3-B0-24-635-5D1-C (do you have a decoder for that number?) PG&E has currently cut the power to us in California...
2 years ago 31
Fwd: Can LED bulbs be connected to a flasher?
-------- Forwarded Message -------- Subject: Can LED bulbs be connected to a flasher? Date: Mon, 14 May 2018 14:08:24 -0500 From: Organization: NNTP Server Newsgroups: A friend with a small retail...
4 years ago
Re: Boy Scouts electrocuted in deadly Texas boating accident
Hello, and your story, while tragic, isn't anything new. There's a number of instances over the decades where a metallic conductor (antenna mast, etc) from a ground vehicle came into contact with an...
4 years ago
What's topping this power pole?
Cellular? Or...? On Wed, 16 Mar 2016 11:55:36 -0700, DaveC Gave us: Could be "LEO WiFi" or... Is there an airport nearby? Could be a locale marker. Major airport 5 miles. This isn?t directly in the...
6 years ago 17
C122D1 pinout?
Moto SCR C122D1?s datasheet lacks pinout: This is the only datasheet out there that I can find. Anyone have a databook for this one? Thanks. SILICON CONTROLLED RECTIFIERS, C122D1 Datasheet, C122D1...
6 years ago 1
Ground rod driving. Water method?
I asked on the group about driving ground rods. The respondees so far have suggested pouring water in a little hole at the spot then putting the rod in. I've seen that suggested other places too....
7 years ago 7
Genie plus edm machine
I have acquired a genie plus edm machine and also require schematic and or wiring diagram Victor Jee Try
7 years ago 1
Unsolderable wire?
I am trying to solder some RG-6 shield to a pcb. The braid won't tin. It's almost like it's dissipating the heat faster than I can apply it. With both a temp-controlled iron (set as high as 700F) and...
8 years ago 60
B-FTP vs B-FHTP Electrical Motor
I am trying to replace a 120v C-Frame Shaded Pole motor in a kickspace heater. It was installed in 1978. I can't find that spec ( B-FHTP) but only the B-FTP spec. It is a small motor that was made by...
8 years ago 13
smps controller IC datasheet?
oem power supply, 31.5 vdc 1.5 A. I want to change the output to 24 v. There is one 8-pin IC, labeled: 230D1 PUICO I don't see a datasheet anywhere for this.  Any ideas? Thanks, Dave Logo seems...
8 years ago 5
3 phase to 1 phase
I found a Hunter DSP 9000 wheel balancer I would like to have for my home shop. The problem is it is 230 volt three phase. I only have single phase available to me. Can anyone tell me if a static...
8 years ago 13
A new way to display your Excel calculations
Hi, I would like to share with you a new handy Excel add-in that transforms for mulas into easy-to-read graphical images. This is to provide a clear visual isation on your spreadsheet...
9 years ago
NiMH charger recommendations?
First of all, this is a request for a *recommendation*, not a request for someone to do Google searches for me. - - - I need a charger for AA, AAA, and 9v batteries. Four of the AA or AAA at a time is...
10 years ago 15
Hard wired home watt meter
Hi I see some products like Kill A Watt that plug into the outlet to monitor device energy usage. I would like to be sure that the person does not take the device out when I am not around and plug in...
10 years ago 9
electrical projects and lots more
You may found lots of electrical project at the following link techshristi website for project report on ICWAI Papers, C.A Papers, C.S Papers, engineering projects,mba project, bba project,cat study,...
10 years ago
Direction of travel of an Arc across 2 distribution lines
Can anyone explain to me why an arc between 2 conductors on a bare aluminium overhead line will always travel away from the source towards the load. Many thx, Daniel Hello Daniel In article , Daniel...
11 years ago 24
electric furnace blower motor
?A. U. Smith electric motor Model F48SH6MA4 HP 1/3 ROT CCWLE SER 8F94 RPM 1050 VOLTS 230 PH 1 AMPS 2.8 HZ 60 CAP 7.5 MFD 379 VAC 2-SPEED: BLACK: HI RED: LO ORANGE: LINE BROWN(+), BROWN/W(-): CAPACITOR...
11 years ago 1
quadrant-eleventh-gram-second system
What is the quadrant-eleventh-gram-second system of units? What is the significance of "quadrant" ? What is the significance of "eleventh" ? What is good reference? Bill What is the...
11 years ago 1
Fuse or fusible resistor?
Used in the battery (-) lead of a handheld scope. Schematics unpublished. Physically similar to a 1/4 W resistor, color light green. Marked "IE7A" or "1E7A". Google returns slim results, none...
11 years ago 20