Difference in Battery Amps and regular Power supply amps.

Hi Folks,
I am stuck with a stupid thing. I have electric shaver which I really
like and would recommend certainly. I had strange idea to get rid of
onboard battery and just use the power supply. So, yeah so i just got
rid of battery and attached 2 wires directly to the motor base. It
works like a charm as far as there is no load. But as soon as there is
load it wont work for a second.
Its just an ordinary DC (coiled I guess) type motor that came with a
rechargeable battery of 1.2V and 1000mAh. Now, my power supply can
thrust upto 2 Amps actually but I don;t know what is missing here.
Any thoughts?
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Seems fairly simple, the power supply isn't powerful enough to run the motor under load. The battery was capable of supplying more amperage than the power supply, that's why you didn't have an issue when the battery was installed. Why would you remove the battery in the first place? If for some reason you wanted a cord, just use the shaver when it's plugged in. If the battery quit holding a charge, get yourself a NiMH 2500ma battery and install that. You'll go a month plus on a charge then.
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Sounds like a bench supply. Are you certain that you have the current threshold dialed up to 2A?
Even then, the motor might draw a momentary current pulse that exceeds 2A. In which case, the supply will shut down.
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Paul Hovnanian P.E.
Any circuitry between the battery and the motor? There might be some DC-DC converter in there. Why not hook up the power supply to where the battery voltage was applied. Do you have a DMM by which you might monitor the current?
What voltage did you set the power supply to? Is there a current control knob on the power supply?
George H.
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George Herold

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