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(The images of the plug are stills from a video. I don?t have it in my possession.)

The header measures approx.: pin dia: 0.6 mm,0.024 in spacing: 3.85 mm, 0.152 in

How can I identify the type of shell and pin used in this connector?


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Could it be 3.81mm / 0.150" pitch?

mouser 87221- TE Connectivity / AMP Connectors

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Looks like a Tektronix 222PS "Power Scout". I replaced the battery on one once. I think I succeeded but I'm not 100% sure. Photos (including views of the mating connector) and more details here:

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I decided the battery connector had 0.156" spacing. I *think* I inferred that because it was bigger than 0.1" and looked like other

0.156" connectors I have seen. I don't remember if I actually put a ruler on it or held the Tektronix connector up to a known 0.156" connector.

The housing on the wires didn't have any kind of locking clip (to hold it to the pins on the board) or keying/polarizing arrangement.

When I replaced the battery, I just re-used the existing connector, so I didn't have to buy a new one. Digging around online a little, a Molex "KK" housing, series 2139, part number 09-50-7031 might work; that's not exactly the same as the one that is there now, though.

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