Running 120 VAC power cable in control wiring cable tray?

I'm concerned about running a 120 Vac power cable in a tray with control wiring. The power cable will have about 6 amps on it, it's armoured cable, twisted pair. I'm not sure if the changing magnetic flux coming off these wires will induce any voltage on the control wiring. Anybody have any experience with this.

Thanks in advance.


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Far, far too little information.

Details of the "control wiring"? Lots of details are needed.

Details of the tray length and cable spacing.

eg If the control wiring is 48v dc single-ended from a constant voltage low impedance source driving relays over a distance of a few feet, you have nothing to worry about.

If the control wiring is 0-5mA single-ended multi-level driving a high impedance load over a distance of a few hundred feet, you have something to worry you might get some mains pick up..

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I've seen on example of where this failed. In the cabinet was a current sensing circuit another line which was affected by the magnetic field from the AC line. However, it only happened when the AC was shut off and there was load shedding. A spike on the AC line coupled over to the sensor. The solution was more shielding on he sensor circuit.


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