FS: HP/AGILENT 83525A (10MHz-8.4GHz) RFplugin (eg HP8350A/B, etc SWEEP OSCILLATORS) - RF/Microwave, near-new (WORKING), CALIBRATED in 2005). ITEM# CHANGED.

EBAY ITEM# CHANGED: due to their error relisted under a new item#: 330024441908 HP/AGILENT 83525A (10MHz-8.4GHz) RFplugin (eg HP8350A/B, etc. SWEEP
OSCILLATORS) - RF/Microwave, near-NEW (WORKING), CALIBRATED in 2005. Warranty.
Do NOT reply on Newsgroup, if email: remove "death2spammers" strings in my address (repeated twice). Price $899 but PLEASE do check with Ebay listing first as I might revise it down (but not up - everyone else selling for $950-1000, yet I want tobe done QUICK), shipping from Amplitech, Inc., New York, USA
Posted on Ebay, item# 330024441908. Goto www.ebay.com and enter "330024441908" (without quotation marks) into search window (or item#, etc.); BUY NOW OPTION is AVAILABLE, i.e. NO need to wait for Auction end ($799 or revised down). Description is there (on Ebay), copied down here for your convenience, BUT to see ALL-SIDES PICTURES/etc do check that Ebay listing. Best done via Ebay - SAFE for you/me (my feedback is 100% positive there & 10+ years on Newsgroups), if you're not into Ebay and unless a bid already placed, I can take it off and sell outside Ebay.
Description copied here (see pictures on Ebay):
Concise description as you can GET DETAILED DESCRIPTION/SPECIFICATIONs/MANUAL at AGILENT website: ww.agilent.com ->search->enter->"83525A", or search for 8350A, 8350B, etc. as entire HP 8350 mainframes series takes these plugins. For your convenience two main specs are repeated here: Frequency range is 10MHz - 8.4GHz, max. level output 20 mW,+/-1.5dB, standard front in/outs, plus extra on backside (installed OPTIONS?): external MKR, RFout, PulseIn, ExtALC, plus a mysterious coax input I never used. Was controlled via HPIB/GPIB.
1. CONDITION is near-NEW, photo may show a dusty spot - can be wiped off with mere towel (made photos in a hurry because late @work, 5PM). PULLED FROM WORKING ENVIRONMENT at AMPLITECH, Inc. (www.amplitechinc.com), one of the best-known RF/Microwave companies - a spin off of Miteq, Inc. Stored gently in our environmentally-controlled lab, since we upgraded to 26.5 GHz plugin. REASON for selling - you look at our website, products go upto 40GHz (65GHz with waveguides) - became imperative to buy a different plugin in 2004 and sell this. Used for MILITARY & aircraft amplifiers testing until year 2004, assure you 100% working unit (idle). Rather get money than idle (to use that money for NetworkAnalyzer parts, that we need more than Sweeper parts).
2. CALIBRATION: expired in early 2006 - didn't need to calibrate an idle unit. Calibration may still be valid, but if you wish to refresh - calibrate yourself. If you wish ME to calibrate, it's not cost-effective, I might charge $250+ extra as it's a hassle to remove our 26.5GHz, calibrate this 8.4Ghz, then restore our plugin; so email me what you want. Best if you calibrate yourself.
3. As mentioned above, docs/specs/manuals are at Agilent website. People who buy Test Equipment are professionals/engineers - know specific model#, specs, or can quickly locate them. HP 8350A/B/etc are one of the most widely used legacy RF/microwave oscillators/sweepers/generators whose mainframes are designed to use such plugins. Thus often supported in modern Automated test Equipment software (HPIB, GPIB), multiple companies I worked for supported this unit in ATE software. Modern Agilent Sweepers offer this unit backward compatibility. For example, we controlled this 83525A plugin in HP8350A/B mainframe via GPIB (aka HPIB, IEE488) using ARKRF's software AUTOLAB, but any other will work. Could be also a nice secondary/backup Plugin for you.
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