Optical nano micro porovision systems at fast running fabrics

Optical nano micro porovision systems at fast running fabrics
Online porosity permeability control - patent pending Porosity control of nano or micro porous and/or perforated web
material, with laser or electrostatic perforation systems, which are produced in speed ranges up to 600 m/min and web widths up to 2000 mm are difficult to control with pneumatic systems because that methods includes disadvantages such as web tangency, web toughing, material flaking, folds build-up, dust and dirt flowing in the system.
These difficulties are ideally solved with stationary/scanning optical porosity control systems as OPSS-1, OPSS-1-A/B, OPRL-1 A/B which are patent pending by DE10251610.
Air or gas permeability or porosity ranges from 50 up to 5,000 C.U. (ml/sqcm/min) respectively 3 to 100 l/sqm/sec. Franksystem by web widths from 100 to 2000 mm at speeds of up to 500 m/min are now possible.
Working principle The online quality control technique is performed to detect and scan zones, generated nano micro pore areas or lines in using multiple colour sensors and a precise tiny line laser which are linked to sensor internal controller units. It controls roll or bobbin formats as stand-along or mechanical coupled devices on existent scanning units which measure material weight, thickness, formation, smoothness, roughness, opacity, etc. in web widths up to 6000 mm.
For lasers or electrostatic perforation in bobbins and wide paper webs online measuring procedure and their devices are indicated, with which same transverse movement and simultaneously collections of perforation positions, perforation profile quality and porosities with two different sensor systems and locations. Zone or line position detection by accuracy of 0.1 mm with a laser line unit, scanning speeds up to 300 mm/s, DSP controller firmware, high-speed serial link up to 230.400 bit/s, industry PC performance, C++ process/ visualisation software for production quantity, quality, statistics, LAN to quality control centre, etc.
With transverse movements of both measuring systems across the web width, consisting of line laser to detect the quality and position of single nano, sub micro or macro holes in ranges of 10 nm up to 200 um diameter, groups of holes or determined perforation zones and simultaneously light transmission sensor unit monitors the porosity profiles and determined their integrals continuously.
Thus direct feedbacks to the perforation or machine system enable the trend compensation of arising changes that production rolls without intermediate stops are high quality and quantity controllable.
Applications Jumbo roll-by roll production for offline micro laser or electro static perforation machines for web widths from 100 mm up to 2000 mm, porosity ranges from 80 C.U. up to 5,000 C.U. with feed backs to each perforation channel and automatic production control. The OPSS-1 system enables a production networking for laser or electrostatic perforation machines in quality and quantity aspects in order of ISO certifications.
As well for porous, filter, permeable paper, packaging, sack, fabrics or other webs at making, finishing, refining or other industry machines or processes.
New ranges of applications will be made accessible as new products with special features will be developed.
IPM - International Perforation Management High-tech engineering - China - Germany - Thailand http://www.microperforation.com http://www.microperforation.com.cn http://www.deguodaguan.com/ipm / http://www.dk3qv.de
http://www.microperforation.com/mll-1-laser-perforation.html http://www.microperforation.com/lpm-1.html http://www.microperforation.com/opss-1-optical-online-porosity.html http://www.microperforation.com/igbt-esp-unit.html http://www.microperforation.com/online-perforation-cigarette.html
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