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I've got a Ranger 8 that stopped welding. Interestingly enough it wasn't while I was welding...worked fine the last time I ran it and didn't the next. But anyhow.... I tried the 115 volt outlet which did run a Sawzall but seemed slow. I plugged in my 120 volt meter and sure enough it was under 100 volts, with the fine tune maxed of course. So I pulled the covers off and found a bad diode. I've got a spare so not too big a deal. Figured I would blow everything out as it was pretty dirty inside. I pulled the cover for the control board and glaring at me is 2 scorched resistors.... So now I am hesitant about replacing this diode fearing I have another problem here. Im not familiar with welders and need to educate myself before i go any further. What information do I need to ensure I get the right schematic for my rig. I got no information from the PO (bought used) and can not read the schematic on the inside of the panel. I don't see any ID plates, etc on the machine. Thank you!

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Posted 6 months ago by JRM in ⚡ Welding Forums

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