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what's the difference between technic liftarm and technic beam?
why there are two names for these similar parts? historical reason? IIRC, the liftarms are studless (or are half width)
13 years ago 2
SketchUp .ldr importer
Hello, I've made an importer for the ldraw file format for SketchUp. I'm not sure if anyone uses, or would use SU for lego modelling, but who knows. It's in the very early stages at the moment, but...
15 years ago 12
Online building instructions for Lego Racers?
My son has lost the instructions for sets 8641, 8642, 8643, and 8644. I searched the Lego site, but their building instructions section doesn't include these sets. I found the original instructions...
16 years ago 4
Cleaning Legos
Hi, group! Do any of you wash your Lego pieces in warm, soapy water to remove the finger oils that accumulate from normal handling? Just curious.... Dieter Zakas Pantyhose, dishwasher... don't do this...
17 years ago 5
Old Lego
Hi can anyone help me? I've just cleared out my cupboards and come across all my old lego..i have loads of 'technics', and other stuff..i've also come across a lego train set (D182), whats it worth...
18 years ago 2
Trouble closing Williams F1 Racer (8461) engine cover
I've just completed the Williams F1 Racer, lego 8461, and I love it! The only problem that I haven't been able to overcome (there was a problem with the instructions that I eventually worked around)...
18 years ago 1
What *does* dissolve Lego?
So I have two small boys and a fair bit of Lego, which I unwisely allowed them to take into the bathtub. Now the drain is clogged and I have a sneaking suspicion that there is a piece of Lego down...
18 years ago 5
Mindstorms not working
My daughter is starting to have lots of fun with the crates of lego I had stored in the cupboard, so I thought I would dig the original (9717-1) Mindstorms set out and make a robot for her. After...
15 years ago 2
How to open 9V battery box with 8868 set?
Hi I have gotten a 8868 set with the 9V motor and batterybox. But no instructions for the box. How do I open the battery box? /JJ IIRC there is a sort of contact on one end of the base, which you push...
16 years ago 2
Lost Lego technic 8482 cybermaster cd-rom?
I am afraid that I have lost my Lego technic 8482 cybermaster cd-rom, is it possible that anybody could help with an copy of the CD? I´ve tried to contact lego denmark, but they havent got the...
16 years ago 1
Guide to off-brand bricks?
Just out of curiosity, is there any websites with a guide to lego rip-offs? Like with a list of the various (current and defunct) brands, compatibility, quality, piece selections and when/where they...
16 years ago 6
how the heckdo they make lego chain?
how can they mold it and have it linked and free? Which kind of chain? You can mold a classical style chain by using a mold which splits in four sections with the two cuts parallel to the planes of...
16 years ago 3
LeJOS error
I have the latest version of LeJOS and the Sun Java 2 SDK 1.3.1. When I try to compile the example program view using "lejosc" I get an error saying "Unable to execute javac. Return status of exec is...
17 years ago 1
Vision command on windows 2000
Hello Can anybody tell me how to install Vision command under win2k ? Thank you Guillaume Come on, first result googling for "vision command windows 2000"
18 years ago 1
LEGO glue or sealant
I have a large LEGO project for school that I am hoping someone can help with. The project involves building a large LEGO sculpture requiring assembly with "glue" as it has to be on semi-permanent...
15 years ago 8
Exin castles
Does anyone have Exin castles from Gran Alcazar series? How many pieces sets XII (0212) and XIII (0213) have? Also, do they have drawbridges? I have set XI (0211) with 510 pieces (no drawbridge)....
18 years ago