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On 8/1/07 2:31 PM, _Ted_ spoke thusly:
I can't speak for the folks in or, but I do know that the FAQ does say that advertising your ebay auctions is not wanted. Don't be surprised, is ebay receives complaints about your practices.
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well then maybe you should go back to your site since this isn't your site or theirs and we run it how we want to run begone pesty miscreant and quit judging us since you are without guilt yourself.
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On 8/30/07 1:13 PM, _Rick_ spoke thusly:
Newsgroups are not "sites", and I have been reading this thread via, not whatever group you are reading it from. The original post (and the rest of the thread) was cross-posted to three newsgroups:,, and When I mention the AFS FAQ, all the original poster has to do next time, is not include in the cross-post. The post arrives in and, but not; and (supposedly) we're both happy. :-) To better illustrate what I'm saying, if you subscribe to, you will see your own post. =-O
And as far as I know, neither or are moderated newsgroups. You don't run it.
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There's a very high probability that Solon *was* speaking about and nothing else (did you notice his disclaimer?) as the original message was cross-posted to all three groups, and all replies will continue to be so until someone edits the headers before pressing 'Send'.
(Follow-up set to,
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Anders Isaksson

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