Here to purchase unlock tools and books?

I'm new to the Chat group, But I've been reading this group since I
got my Foley-Belshaw Institute Diploma in locksmithing about a year
ago and have been doing a little work on my own and have been
unable to find a full-time job here locality .
My Boss wants me to purchase some automotive unlock manuals and tools
and teach some of our driver how to unlock car while they're out on
deliveries for some extra cash, I already have a phone number in the
yellows book and I'm unable to take the service call while I'm at work
in the Evening and I think can make a little extra money off of each
driver we dispatch .
You know the tow company , repo men , Taxi cabs , Police and Fire
Depts have been doing it for a long time and I still get a call or two
a night and when word gets around we'll get even more calls.

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about a year
manuals and tools
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I'm at work
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and Fire
call or two
what exactly are you asking ?
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If you have a ceritificate from FB you could purchase through FB. Many but not all suppliers will sell to you based on certification from a locksmithing course. FB should be good enough for that.
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in article, DISPATCHER at wrote on 2/10/04 10:34 PM:
If you have graduated from FB, you automatically get one of their catalogs to order from. You automatically get an account with them.
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sell him car
thats what I figured.
"DISPATCHER" Z-Tool will
formatting link
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You can also use your FB diploma as a "letter of introduction" to contact other locksmithing suppliers, who may or may not be willing to send you a catalog. Some charge for catalogs, some don't. Some may want to see a bit more evidence that you're actually working in the industry before doing business with you.
That "foot in the door" is, in fact, one of the reasons I took the FB course; it was a first step toward legitimizing some of what I had already taught myself.
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Joe Kesselman (yclept Keshlam
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Stormin Mormon
Actually, look closer at the sign -- someone named Jeff made the pattern. I will admit to being under employed, though. So I do some click and paste.
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Stormin Mormon
To the regulars of this group, sorry for the intrusion, honestly.
Chris...have you told your fellow locksmiths how well you can attempt to forge headers from someone and how non Mormon you have been acting as of late? The meltdown in alt.hvac this week proved it...youre unstable... Then, this..
Hope you are beside your phone, I might call tonight and we shall indeed discuss this....Rochester right? :) Well...not quite, but close enough.
Now...back to your regular group.
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