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A bit like the Caribbean premium cost numbers lurking within the old '809' area code and probably still lurking within the various current Caribbean area codes - not as obvious as the 1900 numbers.
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It's funny that some people think if you work out of a trunk or the back of a truck then you can't be a good locksmith. And the comment about mobile locksmiths is just stupid. The reason why small companies are mobile (with no shop) is because mom and pop locksmith shops can't compete with Wal-Mart or Home-Depot who sell locks for much cheaper prices so why bother with the extra overhead?
I think if this person would make their point in a more respectable manner concerning the issue of licensing instead of babbling on I wouldn't be plonking this subject now.
Like others have said. Maybe a scam Call 8XX LOCKSMITH and get charged a thousand bucks a minute. Or maybe someone pissed off at 1 800 LOCKSMITH which is a respectable business.
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Glen Cooper
"Glen Cooper" snipped-for-privacy@peoplepc.com wrote in message news: snipped-for-privacy@individual.net...
or just another a troll !
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I have no problem with locksmith licensing *done right*. I fact I along with one other locksmith, wrote the original bill that passed the MD Senate on the first shot (with no help from lobbyists I might ad). It was written in my office, on my computer, then fine tuned by "The Maryland Committee for Locksmith Licensing".
Unfortunately after passing the Senate, it was killed in a MD House of Delegates committee.
I personally would love to see locksmiths licensed in the state of Maryland and worked countless houses and logged hundreds of miles to try to make it happen.
I've been in this industry for over 25 years, owned my own business for over 17 years, have served the Maryland Locksmith Association and Chesapeake Chapter of ALOA over the years as Secretary, VP, President, Education Chairman, Editor, started the MLA Mentor Program, am an ALOA Certified Instructor, written for four industry publications, was Keynotes 1994 Author of the Year, been awarded Baltimore's best Locksmith by BALTIMORE MAGAZINE (twice).
If you'd like to see my certifications, check here:
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And BTW... I'm MOBLIE!
You know, you could have easily made your point (and had it more readily accepted) had you approached it in a less antagonistic manner. Almost like you wanted to start an argument.
Instead, all you've seemed to accomplish is to alienate people. (Sounds kinda like something a troll would do.)
It's all about attitude. You might think about an adjustment if you want to influence the industry.
Just a little friendly advice.
PS - If you feel so strongly about the case you are trying to make, why are you afraid to post your name
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Bob DeWeese, CML

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