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Shock/impact absorbing materials?
I've seen demonstrations of both d3o () and Sorbothane (). Unfortunately, d3o is not available to the general public in sheets, and sorbothane sheets are incredibly expensive. I've been trying to find...
10 years ago 3
Problem with magnetron sputtering of SiO2
Hello All, Recently I am trying to produce SiO2 thin film using magnetron sputter method. I am using the Torus sputter gun from Lesker. Due to other reasons a reactive sputtering is not possible and...
11 years ago
instron 1331 shematics and manual
Dear group members, My company has an Instron 1331 servo hydraulic system which no longer has the schematics or manuals for the hydraulic cylinder. It has a small leak and I would like to learn if...
14 years ago 2
Advice for Anti-Amalgam Dentists Under Fire
Dentists who oppose the use of mercury amalgams in restorative dentistry, and in particular those who practise the removal and replacement of amalgam fillings with alternative materials, sometimes...
14 years ago 10
The Latest on Amalgams and Thermoelectrics
One thing that my posts to have achieved over the years is that the regular contributors to this newsgroup no longer bother to assert that dissimilar metals in contact with each other need an...
14 years ago 54
brabender pl2100
Greetings, All - Does someone out there have a copy of the interface software for use with the PL2100 plasti-corder unit? We recenty took posession of such a unit and it came lacking the discs. I am...
15 years ago
"cleaning" alumina crucible
could anyone suggest me how to "clean" alumina crucible. i tried to sinter some powder at 800C and it left behind some coating inside the crucible. tried using conc. acids, but not working well..any...
15 years ago 4
Elastic Modulus of BaSO4
Does anyone know the elastic modulus of BaSO4? 0?
15 years ago 1
Dispersion Al2O3 Nanoparticles
Hi, Someone knows any method to disperse Al2O3 nanoparticles (or nanotubes) in polymeric matriz? And which is the apropriated techniques to assesment this dispersion? EDS? Thanks Conventional fillers...
16 years ago 4
Latent heat of Brass (Cu66%, Zn33%)
Hi, Could anyone tell me the latent heat of fusion and vapourisation of Brass. Better still, where can I find such data. The net has proved futile and most databooks Ive referred to dont have this...
16 years ago 6
Microwave dielectric constant of Plexiglass
Dear experts, does anybody know about the (complex) microwave dielectric constant of plexiglass in the frequency range from 10 to 100 GHz? Or where may I find information on this? I'd be happy about...
17 years ago 2
non sparking metal material (mechanical sparking)
Hello! Does anyone know whether brass really is non sparking if there is friction with other materials? until now I alwas used brass for a coupling guard in hazardous areas (gas / dust in chemical...
17 years ago 2
Negative values of the Tsai-Wu failure function?
Hi all, I am using the following failure function inside my own 2D FE code for analysis of laminated composites: F=(1/Xt-1/Xc)*S11+(1/Yt-1/Yc)*S22 +S11^2/(Xt*Xc)+S22^2/(Yt*Yc)+S12^2/(XY^2)...
17 years ago
Wet etching of TiO2
Hi, all, Anyone here know how to wet etch TiO2? I just want to etch thin film of TiO2 to expose the bottom electrode. I have checked some papers and there are several reported method such as using...
17 years ago
Thermal Doublers
Hi everybody, Does anybody know what materials are used to make THERMAL DOUBLERS(high thermal conductivity materials, i think) used in the passive thermal control system used in spacecrafts? I think...
17 years ago 1
How to fix a loose bearing in a very big gearbox!
There is a very big gearbox (2000 x 3000 x 2000 mm) and one bearing at its mouth is loose, how can we fix it? We used to weld the loose part and fit the bearing but this causes deformation of the...
18 years ago 9
FOR SALE: Siemens XRD & XRF Systems, Accessories, X-ray
I have a large volume of analytical x-ray instrumentation available for sale. Items include: Siemens D500 and D5000 powder diffraction (XRD) systems with a wide range of attachments (including Huber...
18 years ago 2
theoretically the strongest concrete
From one book on masonry I get a mix for concrete as such: 1.6 cement :: 3.2 sand :: 6 gravel From another masonry book I get this for concrete mix: 5 cement :: 12.5 sand :: 20 aggregate or gravel For...
18 years ago 43
What is Plattinol ???
According to Whymper, second edition of _Cacao_and_Chocolate, Anton Reiche chocolate molds produced an especially glossy result because of their proprietary plating with Plattinol, as opposed to the...
15 years ago 9
Does anyone know anything about the metal Kurtsite (i think thats how its spelled). Aparently its an alloy of lead, aluminum and, zinc. Its is very wear resistant, and yet still quite slippery. I've...
17 years ago 4