Help with Thermodynamics

Hey, I had a quick question about a homework problem I'm encountering
right now. How do I find the final temperature of a system where two
blocks of metal are brought into thermal contact and the heat capacity
under constant pressure varies as a function of temperature? Any help
would be great...thanks!
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Dustin C.
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I would seriously entertain the idea of the use of Calculus and Integration. consider integration of Cp*dT from the initial temperature T(i) to some unknown final temperature T(f).
FIRST CLUE --- at equilibrium, the final temperature is the same in each block.
You will have functions of absorbed (liberated) heat from the use of Calculus and Integration.
SECOND CLUE -- Assuming the system is adibatic, you find that the heat liberated equals the heat absorbed.
At this point, you should engage brain and complete the arithmatic and algebra......
All of the physical thinking needed has been provided.
Use this type of line of reasoning on lots of problems.... Then you will become an engineer or scientist who can solve problems because he knows how things work, and can do the mathematics.
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