Extracting Mass and Stiffness Matrices from ANSYS

Hello everybody, after some time on working ANSYS I realized that not everything can be done, even how simple it seems, in ANSYS, but I discovered that there is a way to extract Mass and Stiffnes Matrices from ANSYS and use with another application (ex. MATLAB). There programs for this: rdfull.f userprog.exe Anybody knows how to find them or can anybody send me a copy? Thanks for your time!

Timucin Eris

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At version 8.0 you can do this directly from within ANSYS. Look at the WRFULL and HBMAT commands.

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Martin Liddle

With previous Ansys realese, it can be extracted using some "user programmable features" (user written fortran code). The program rdfull.f and some other usefull subroutines (bintwr.f, bintrd.f, etc.) are included in your ansys distribution (AnsysN.L_rK/custom/misc/YOUR_OS/ )


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Pierre Burry

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