Face-to-face dimensions for Flanged globe-style control valves - ansi 2500# class

Hi everyone,
I am sizing a control valve for a BFW application and its ANSI class
came up 2500#.
My control valve sizing handbook does not present me with the standard
face-to-face dimensions for 2'' NPS valves with 2500# class.
Does anyone know the standard value for this?
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Donato Azevedo
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Considering this is a standardized value, I found on a Fisher catalog the Face-to-Face dimensions for an 2 NPS ANSI CL2500RTJ as 394 mm (15.50 in). For a RF it is 391 mm (15.38 in);
I was told by one of the senior consultants that globe valve sizes are strongly standardized amongst major manufacturers (that follow the 75.16 std).
Cheers, -- Donato Azevedo
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Donato Azevedo
Dear Donato Azevedo:
Yes, they are, since these dims are required for the advertised performance. Which is why they are published in literature. What surprises me, is that it was that difficult to find said dimensions in offered products...
I hope you got compliant dimensions, and not some single manufacturer's version of it.
David A. Smith
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I called a local representative for Hiter control valves and confirmed the values I found on the masoneilan catalog.
However, I will propose to my manager purchasing the standards. After all, it is the de facto source for reference.
Cheers! -- Donato Azevedo Control BEng.
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Donato Azevedo

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