PID controller simulation

I'm trying to brush up on my understanding of controllers (PID,PD,etc).
I've written a simple Matlab program that tries to simulate the
control of a spring-mass-damper system with a PID controller (you can
adjust gains, system properties, etc). Can anyone familiar in this
area do a quick check of my program to see if they spot any obvious
Thanks in advance!
%PID simulation-------------------
%mass in kg
%spring constant in n/m
%dampening coefficient
%starting point
%initial velocity
%time step
%matrix index
%desired position
%integrated error, initial value=0
while t
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Well, first off, dt2 in "x=x+v*dt+a*dt2/2" is not defined, do you mean dt^2? That is just from trying to run it. if you want to get really fancy you can do your integration with a more sophisticated method.
What's the purpose of the simulation?
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Matthew Douglas Rogge
Thanks for the reply... Looking back, I'm pretty sure I typed "x=x+v*dt+a*dt^2/2", not dt2. The point of the program is mainly just to give myself a tool I can play around with and better understand controllers...
Did you try to run it with dt^2?
Thanks again, Dave
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Yeah, it works with dt^2. What toolboxes do you have? There is a function in the control toolbox called sisotool that allows you to take a plant and add controller poles and zeros to the root locus interactively. This allows you to watch the root locus, frequency response, and/or closed loop step response change on the fly. PID is a good start, but depending on your needs, you may need to branch out to a wider variety of controllers to get an understanding of whats really going on.
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Matthew Douglas Rogge
I didn't check it line by line - but the usual gotcha is forgetting the sign of the rate term is to oppose! the correction, the integral and proportional is to aid the correction.
Better to dump the PID in favor of a fuzzy - so much more intuitive, I hear....
Brian W
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Brian Whatcott
i've got to disargree on that if you can do it with a PID, you should do it with a PID fuzzy-logic has a very week response time and you don't know anything about the step/line-response, integration of errors and so on
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jan hauben

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