Help identify this alloy,

I've found an alloy which I'm unfamiliar with.
I was wondering if anyone knows anything about it; an application,
physical mechanical properties or even a name (AISI, DIN, etc)
I have a composition:
Min Max
C 0.08 0.15
Ni 43 45
Cr 19 21
Nb 0.8 1.2
This seems like an odd beast to me. If you know anything about it,
please let me know.

A googol of thank yous.
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This is a hight temperature alloy perhaps used for aerospace applications. We normally work woth 37-40%Ni and 15-17%Cr,Nb addition is optional. This is ASTM A297.
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Composition indicates that it might be some Inconel or Hastelloy. What is the balance? Iron, cobalt? Are you sure there's no tungsten or molybdenum in it? Any silicon? Is it a casting?
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