any experience with H&H Industrial?

I'm slowly equipping a home shop, and have been collecting catalogs. Have Enco, Grizzly, Wholesale Tool, Rutland, MSC, McMaster-Carr, Penn Tool, and also these folks- H&H Industrial

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Some of their prices seem almost too good to be true. Anyone have any experience with their products?

I have absolutely no connection with any of these companies, except as a customer.


Dan too cheap to buy Starrett

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DB Rea
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I've placed one order with them. The products are imported: China, India, etc. I don't have any complaints with their service or products.

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Gary Brady

They are a straightforward purveyor of inexpensive import items; a competitor of Harbor Freight. I bought a surface grinder accessory from them and it is made well. I have no experience with any problem sales; if they will accept returns, if they answer emails.

Aren't there online sites that do nothing whatever except rate online vendors?


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Grant Erwin

=========== I have dealt with them and their service and products have always been first class. Last thing I bought H&H was a magnetic sine bar.

Be aware that the Little Machine Shop and HHIP appears to be two faces of the same company, at least they have the same adddress. see

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was well pleased with the services/products of LMS also.

LMS is more hobby home oriented, HHIP more industrial.

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F. George McDuffee

Ditto. I bought a bunch of B$S #7 collets from them. They are Chinese imports that work fine. And the price was right.


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I think I got my B&S #7's from them and they are actually pretty nice. I see they have #9's as well, but I wish I could find a set of #10's like that for my ole Garvin.....


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