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Unistrut Slotted Channel
The Unistrut Slotted Channel is a versatile structural solution for use in building structures. Its 41mm x 2.5mm size is ideal for supporting a variet y of structural needs. Its pre-galvanised...
4 months ago 9
Honda EU1000i
I bought one that didn't run well at a flea market and flushed the stale gas out of the fuel system to cure it. There are many ideas online to modify and improve small generators so I'd like to know...
7 months ago
Angle shelving uprights - too much point load?
I picked up a sturdy shelving unit (2' x 4' for now) from a local industrial liquidator; it uses perforated angle for the uprights, and will live in a residential garage. While the unit is far more...
8 months ago 4
re-packing motor fan motor bearings
I deal with old fractional HP fans and pump where the life must be extended beyond what you'd usually do when replacements are still available. Ages go from 15 to 30 years. Around bronze and even...
8 months ago 10
How to reset combination for a Mosler bank safe, installed in 1930 approximately
I have a bank vault in my office building that was probably installed in 1930 as that is the corner stone on the building and it was built to house the Bank of door as you can see is open. I spoke...
11 months ago 2
Charging NiMH battery pack
I bought a $35 pair of replacement battery packs for my 14.4V DeWalt drill that contain NiMH instead of NiCad cells like the original. Amazon reviews claim the original DW9118 charger handles them...
11 months ago 26
colchester student 2500 lathe
lathe runs for about 30 mins then starts to slow down within 30 seconds it stops as though a brake has been put on , leave it for 20 mins then its ok again until the next 30 mins very frustrating...
1 year ago 3
zinc for soldering aluminum
zinc solder on aluminum After some time trying to get the much heralded zinc solder rods (No Flux Needed!) to work on aluminum, a short paragraph from a maker's instruction showed the way: heat the...
1 year ago 1
Mosley combination safe
I have an old Mosley safe of my father in laws. We have the combination and it?s worked for him in the past. I?m in able to open it. I can feel it tighten just a little when I pause at zero then...
1 year ago 1
Waterpik repair
The battery-powered WP-360 Water Flosser eventually slows down, so I buy another and set the old one aside to fix later. Today is later, to avoid the infection risk of a shopping trip and the cost of...
1 year ago 5
need cap for residential A/C service valve
I topped off the R-22 in my ancient home A/C yesterday, and when putting it all back together, I dropped the cap for the service valve. This is the thing with about a 3/4" hex and a cylindrical dome...
1 year ago 5
Cutting up Golden Ray with diamond chain
There's an animation of using a "diamond-encrusted cutting chain" in a video in the article linked above, which is about how the VB-10000 will be used to cut the Golden Ray into 8 pieces. "The public...
1 year ago 8
Sheldon type KS # 857 lathe
I am looking for a manual and a lead screw for this lathe. Thanks, Don I am looking for a lead screw nut K128 and a manual for KS lathe Thanks
2 years ago 1
Speaking of Unwanted Items Series 30 Kwik Switch 300
I bought two Kwik Switch tool holders recently. I paid $30 each plus shipping. It was my mistake. I got 300s instead of 200s. I didn't read the ad properly I guess. Both are half inch. If anybody...
2 years ago
ON TOPIC: Welded joints are usually stronger than the surrounding material?
Is that typically true? For example... A typical bike fork weld, where the two curved fork pieces meet the head tube. If immense pressure were put on one of the forks, would the fork tube bend before...
2 years ago 2
ATP5 vs MIC6
In the past when I have needed bits and pieces of cast tooling plate I've bought MIC6. I've made various tool and mounting fixtures with it. Recently I noticed one of my metal vendors has ATP5 for a...
2 years ago 1
SC520, Piston Rings, & Bucket Pumps
One of my bucket pumps failed yesterday. Its the one I use my the SC520 cutting additive I used with water for most things. Today I decided to open it up and see if I could do anything about it. It...
2 years ago
Reclaiming Harbor Freight milling Machine
Hi all, I picked up a Harbor Freight milling machine like this, except this one was in a building damaged by a hurricane. So it has some pretty heavy surface rust on a lot of it. Is there a method to...
2 years ago 6
Insane Toolbox
No, its not one of those two story monstrosities with its own staircase. Its cheap. Even if it was the low quality of the old HF tool boxes I don't see how it could be so cheap. That is pretty wild,...
2 years ago 3
Machine Shop niche areas
I met a guy at the local scrap yard. He was dumping a couple of 55 gal dru ms of swarf. He invited me to see has shop and I have since visited his sh op a number of times. He has had the shop for...
2 years ago 9