Can Chromium-Vanadium Steel be cast?

Is it possible to use chromium-vanadium steel (AISI 6150), commonly used for
hand tools such as screwdrivers and sockets, for casting? So, for example,
is it possible to melt an object made of this material and cast it into a
different shape relatively easily? If not, is there an alloy comparable in
material properties (i.e. highly abrasion resistant, very good shock
resistance and toughness) that can be cast?
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Yes, 6150 can be cast. You will loose any properties that are due to heat treatment.
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No. But it can be done. How do you think they get those massive ingots they roll down into the screwdrivers? ;-)
You'll need an induction furnace for one, and probably some good knowledge of deoxidizing and recouping carbon and alloy losses too. Otherwise, an argon or vacuum "cover" may be useful. The latter isn't hard if you're industry...
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