Cheap CNC Home made plasma cutter


My name is Martin de Roode and i have made a CNC plasma cutter.

on my site

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you can see how i made it.

It's a very easy to make and also cheap ( i'm a dutch man :-)

I hope that a lot of hobby people can learn somthing from me.

Greetings, Martin de Roode ( please don't say it's spam. I just want to share my great hobby )

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Hey Martin,

Looks very good!! Your spot welds look better than a full bead I try to make!!

I couldn't get the video to show the machine in action. Don't know why, and didn't really try very hard, but..............

Take care.

Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario, Canada.


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Brian Lawson

Primitive in an intelligent way! -> Bookmarked.


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Nick Mueller

Very nice project!

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Joe Pfeiffer

This is hugely impressive. Very nice project.

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I have a 4' by 4' table - and a plasma cutter.

The cutout you did was very nice indeed.

You might want to protect the lead screw with a rubber boot (balloon - long thin ones the clowns make animals from. That will keep the balls and dust of metal from attaching and locking up the threads.

Well done in concept.

Mart> Hello,

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Martin H. Eastburn

Wow- that is inspirational. Thank you, Martin. You are right: it is a great hobby.


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Carl Byrns

I'm planning on making a CNC plama cutter my self. You said "cheap" How cheap was it. I've been telling people I could do it for $2500. That includes about $1200 for a new plasma cutter. I run an ESAB SXE where I work and am finding all sorts of things I could make and sell if only I didn't have to do what the boss wants me to do. I'm a machinist and also have an associates degree in electronics so I'm confident I can pull it off too. I'm at library now and only have time to download your pages to view at home later Rosco

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The unit the OP posted looks to be built like a tank, since plasma imparts no cutting force on the machine, you don't need to build yours quite so beefy. Just beefy enough that you don't have excess vibration during high speed moves. Lots of info and resources on cnczone.

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Pete C.

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