DeskCNC SV-500 Servo Driver Boards to be released

As some on this list know, IMService has been selling the DeskCNC SV-

500 servo boards in a number of bundled packages, such as kits with motors, kits with software and motors, kits with assembled controller boxes and motors, and even installed on Sherline CNC ready mills.

We have had many requests to purchase the boards individually. As a result of many successful installations with controlled motor, driver, and controller distribution, we are now releasing the boards for sale.

They will initially be available in sets of 3 or 4.

They are closed loop servo drivers for brushed DC servo motors w/ 5 volt 2 channel encoders. Rated 30 vdc, 5 Amp to provide ample power to drive desktop CNC mills such as Sherline, Taig, or MaxNC.

Follow the link in my signature for details of the offering and other group discounts and specials.

Fred Smith - IMService We're here to Servo you.

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