'Full employment' must be talking about robots

People with advanced degrees in whateverology found themselves
flipping burgers and delivering pizzas. Now even pizza guy is on the
line. But the FED tells up we are almost at full employment. Their
good news is inflation is up ??????
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Starting today, residents and businesses in Redwood City, Calif., and
robot. Starship Technologies, an Estonia-based startup created by two
Skype co-founders, Ahti Heinla and Janus Friis, will put its
autonomous ground-delivery robots to work delivering food with
Postmates in Washington, D.C., and DoorDash in Redwood City, Calif.
The six-wheeled robots are a little under two feet tall, weigh about
idea is that one day soon these autonomous rovers will share sidewalk
makes its deliveries. The handlers will take notes on how well
Each rover works like a delivery person: It goes to the restaurant to
get loaded up (with its handler in tow), delivers to the address and
then goes to the next restaurant to do it again. Neither Postmates nor
DoorDash will charge extra for the robot experience. And Postmates
deliveries a day.
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The nation is near full employment and the economy is close growing
steadily on its own without stimulus from the Federal Reserve, the Fed
percent for some time, she noted. Nevertheless, inflation has begun to
creep back towards the 2 percent target as the job market continues
its upswing, the Fed chief said.
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Winston_Smith quoted:
The robots are expected to make around 10
Umm, I have no idea what these things cost, but 10 deliveries a day doesn't seem to make any economic sense. Assuming the things cost $10K or more, I can't imagine how it can be cost effective.
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Jon Elson

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