Looking for Bare Metal Primer

I found this item in the MSC catalog: High solids, low voc epoxy primer. Ideal
for construction machinery and farm equipment. $46 a gallon. page 2720 in the
2001/2002 catalog.
Has anyone used this primer? Comments. I am painting a lathe and have much bare
metal to cover, especially in the webbing of the bed. Other suggestions would
be appreciated.
Gary R.
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I used a Rustolium "Fish Oil" primer and Imron on a david I built on the lake. Still looks good aftre 20 years of lake Erie's worst.
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Tom Gardner
I would recommend a "urethane fortified" industrial paint like Benjamin Moore M22 for your topcoat. This is easy to apply, is pretty tough and resists oil stains. I used it on my lathe and it has worked well. I would use whatever matching primer they recommend for this paint. If you are in California you have to use the CM22 version, which takes a little longer to dry.
Good luck-
Paul T.
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Paul T.
Depending on what you're trying to do, we used to use a paint from J&R Paint and Glass (800-998-0628) to paint on bare metal without a primer. We built custom equipment for the automotive industry and would do anything to avoid having to prime, then paint what with all the extra work and such. This stuff you could paint over standing oil on steel, fingerprints, ect. and the paint would stick. Lots of ugly colors too as I remember but all in machine enamel. 'Bout $50 a gallon. R. Wink
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R. Wink

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