McMaster-Carr is Awesome

I am not sure if it was in this group or another I read, but I recall
somebody recalling being told by McMaster Carr to take their business
exempt reseller/manufacturer status, but I filled out the form the way
THEY wanted and I have not had any issue since.
at night because UPS refuses to deliver to my business on the business
schedule, but if I stay in the shop late I can use the part or tool that
a few thousand dollars a year from them, but I am by absolutely no means
On their scale I am a very small unimportant customer.
night when UPS got around to me... but I planned to wait up, cut it
tracking... and it was delayed and sent to the wrong address with no
I received back was a veiled threat to just return my package to the
and the local counter guys at the depot are nice enough, but the general
treatment from UPS has always been "you are nobody and if you don't like
Over time Fed-Ex DHL, and USPS all have their issues.
30 minutes later saying "We have shipped you a replacement by Fed-Ex
you want to accept the order from UPS when it arrives or would you like
During all the Covid shortages and delays McMaster reliably had stock,
but I get it reliably. Even though they may not be the best price
(sometimes they are, but not often) they usually aren't as much more
for example.
more than a few dollars on a several hundred dollar order.
their website, but I've never really had an issue with the brand when it
project where I need to install a bunch of 3/16 stainless steel closed
around $20 (I think it may have been discontinued) does a great job, but
tarnished once or twice, but my dad always had all Chicago Pneumatic air
Maybe every dollar counts for you, but bear in mind that your time is
everything from McMaster (I don't), but if you NEED something they are
always worth checking.
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Bob La Londe
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Sometimes when I select their "Product Detail" link, like for your item you can get brand info:
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Just see "Made in Taiwan" this time though... but when you farther explore the "Related Products" on same page it lists them as "For Manufacturer -- Chicago Pneumatic":
11-Piece Seal Kit for Mandrel-Collecting Economy Air-Powered Tool for Blind Rivets:
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I've only ordered from them a couple times in years past but was pleased with speed and service :)
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Leon Fisk
If you want to know the brand just call them and ask. I've done it several times over the years and they've never hesitated to tell me. Even gave me the manufacturers part number, so I could go to their website to check some obscure spec I needed to know. They are the gold standard in customer service.
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I think its a curse. Every time I promote some other business and say how well they take care of me something goes sideways. Almost instantly.
I paid for the original shipment, and I paid for the duplicate shipment. I was clear I would accept both. I received a tracking notice a few minutes ago saying the lost/delayed shipment had been delivered. It had not been. I checked tracking and it showed it was returned.
I contacted UPS thinking they had made good on their threat, and they claim McMaster is the one who requested it be returned. I paid for both shipments.
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Bob La Londe
I did contact McMaster Carr and they categorically deny requesting the shipment be returned. One of you is lying. Given McMaster Carr's exemplary record of customer service and Mario's implied threat it should be obvious whom I chose to believe.
Sincerely, Bob La Londe - CNC Molds N Stuff Owner and final decision maker.
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Bob La Londe

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