Meco Miget Regulator Settings Needed

...I just received a Meco Miget torch and several tips from TM Technologies.
The instruction manual leaves something to be desired. The TM instructions
for setting the regulators seems too approximate
formatting link
've been using a Smith Little Torch for making some metal sculptures and
the manual supplied has a chart with appropriate regulator pressures for
each tip size. I've DAGS and have come up with several other users that use
similiar techniques too the tinman mentions that you set
the regulators by flame sight and sound and don't have to even see the
gauges. Comparing the regulators setting for each tip opening on the Little
Torch with the tip openings of the various Meco tips should lead to the
approximate settings.... and that's where I'll start. I use both
oxy/propane and oxy/acet.
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