Need help making a jig cutting 2 1/4 inch aluminum plate

My son lost the blade hole on my scroll saw, and I like to cut a new one
from an aluminum piece I have. Is this a free hand cut, or can I make a jig
for it? I have both a metal and a wood bandsaw to do it with. I thought
cutting the circle as close to the actual size and then sanding it off. Is
there a better way to do it by means of a jig. I have to have a hole in the
center anyway, so if I have to drill a hole in order to accomplish this it
would be OK...if you have a drawing to send me, please do so, I have cable,
so it doesn't matter if it is a big file....Many thanks in
advance.....grandpa Peter
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Thanks Dan, I probably will do the same, but with all the real good experts here I figured someone will give up a secret or so...I appreciate your help......Peter
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Dan's suggestion will work very well. Make a layout of the circle, then saw to the outside line, leaving only a few thou to sand. If you have a vertical belt sander with a table, it's real easy to turn out a very respectable piece of work sanding to the remaining line. Use a divider to make your layout. You can then layout the slot required for the blade, and saw that after sawing the circle. Unless you have a sanding belt you don't want, make sure you use a metal cutting one for the aluminum. It will pull the abrasive off the typical belt intended for sanding wood.
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Harold and Susan Vordos
I turned a rod to correct OD on the lathe, parted it off a skoach thick and surface ground it until it fit perfectly for thickness.
If you have a belt or disk sander you can bandsaw it pretty close to the line but leaving a tiny bit of material outside the line, and then sand it to the line by eye and it will look pretty dang round.
PeterM wrote:
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Grant Erwin
If you have a decent set of hole saws you could cut the blank with a hole saw nearest to the size of the blank and then sand it to fit.
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Stuart Wheaton

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