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I use Mozilla Suite for browsing etc. I went to ebay and tried to make a bid on an item and was sent to the signin page (normal) entered my user id and password and was cycled back to the sign in page - no matter how many times I signed in. (not normal). Loaded I.E. (slow crap) went to ebay ,same item, made bid,sent to sign in page entered user id and password and was sent to the confirm bid page (normal). Same system,same OS, Same modem, the only difference was going from Mozilla to I.E. Whats up??????? Tried to deal with ebay support and tried their suggestions - no help. Do they only recognize I.E. ????????? Has anyone else had this kind of problem???? How do I fix it??

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Bob Miller
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David Billington

My guess would also be a problem with cookies. You probably told it to block cookies from an eBay page at some point. You check this in: Tools/options/Privacy/Cookies/Exceptions

You can select an item from the list and delete it. Look for any entries related to eBay that have Block status. I wish they had provided a search function in this list. It can be a PITA to find the one you need to kill.

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In article , Bob Miller writes

FWIW I am able to use OPERA 8.01 with Ebay

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Chris Holford

Edit->Preferences->Privacy & Security->Cookies->Cookie Manager->Cookie Sites

Remove any ebay cookies in there.

Go back one step, to Cookie Manager, and look down that list for any ebay sites. If you find any, delete them.


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Grant Erwin

Just looked at Grant's post and realized my information is for Firefox, which is what I use. His information is probably more accurate.

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I had a similar problem (with Mozilla). Ebay told me lots of things, none of which helped. I suggested that they should fix their software so that it worked with all browsers. They wrote back explaining that the didn't just accept ideas from people, I would have to basically sign that I didn't want to retain any rights to my idea to improve their software....I told them this was a very unsatisfactory answer. They came back with their first suggestions, no joy there. Tried deleting all my cookies, etc.

I don't know how to fix it, but please do continue to complain to Ebay.


Bob Miller wrote:

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Steve Smith

They seem to have changed some stuff in the past month or so, my Firefox was displaying search pages and "myebay" pretty screwey. Seems to have settled down now though.


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